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Michael Robbins, Ph.D. was raised in Connecticut, and graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in psychology.  He later obtained his Doctorate in Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in Alameda, CA, just outside of San Francisco.  He completed his internship at the University of Connecticut Medical Center in Farmington, CT and the VA Hospital in Newington, Connecticut.  He then moved to New York City where he received his psychology license, and worked both in a group practice setting and with chronically mentally ill clients in a day treatment program.  While in New York City, Dr. Robbins attended classes at the psychodynamic psychotherapy program at Columbia University.  He moved to Rhode Island in 2003 and has been working in private practice since that time.

While in Rhode Island, Dr. Robbins received two years of individual supervision from a specialist in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which greatly enhanced his work with children and adults suffering from anxiety disorders.  Dr. Robbins is a member of the Rhode Island Psychological Association, and was treasurer of that association from 2004 to 2012.  He is also a member of the American Psychological Association and the Rhode Island Association for Psychoanalytic Psychologies (RIAPP).

Because of Dr. Robbins’ varied training experiences, he is comfortable working with a variety of treatment modalities, and with many different client populations.  Dr. Robbins believes that no one type of therapy works best for all clients.  He, therefore, tailors his intervention to the client’s particular needs.  For example, he may work from a Cognitive Behavioral perspective (CBT) with an adolescent who has obsessive compulsive symptoms, and then switch to a more dynamic intervention with an adult struggling with issues in relationships.  Dr. Robbins also keeps in mind the larger systems that may be impacting the treatment, and works closely with schools and universities, primary care physicians, and family members to offer the most complete care.  Dr. Robbins believes that his client’s own understanding and feelings about their therapy is what best informs a good therapy process.  He, therefore, checks in with clients for feedback about their feelings and perception of the process, and utilizes this information to be more effective and beneficial.

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